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The Ministry of Health has on Thursday, disclosed that three Tropical Cyclone Freddy (TCF) camps have registered cases of scabies, which it has attributed to congestion and lack of hygiene.

Making the revelation on Thursday in an interview, Director of Preventive Health Services in the Ministry, Storn Kabuluzi said camps in Zomba, Machinga and Phalombe districts have registered 41, 20 and 5 cases of scabies respectively.

“As a ministry, we are aware of the poor health condition in TCF camps due to overcrowding. As such, we are providing Benzyl benzoate treatment to those who have been affected and also medication for other diseases,” said Kabuluzi.

Kabuluzi said the ministry is working with the media in getting messages across to the masses, as well as sensitizing people in all TCF camps to take precautions against scabies, as the disease is highly contagious.

“We are working with the media in disseminating information concerning scabies and other skin diseases. Most importantly, we are reminding people residing in TCF camps about hygiene” he said.

In her remarks, one of the TCF survivors who is based at Naotcha camp applauded government for it’s efforts in ensuring that people affected by the disaster are receiving medical attention and advice from health officials in combating outbreaks of diseases.

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