By Andrew Magombo MANA

Ministry of Education (MoE) says public schools should revive sporting activities following a lapse observed in primary and secondary schools sports.

In a statement undersigned by MoE Secretary for Education Chikondano Mussa, all public schools are to start having sporting activities on weekly basis with immediate effect.

“The Ministry has observed that there is lack of sporting activities in most primary and secondary schools across the country and would like to encourage all head teachers to ensure that sports is given prominence’
“Sporting activities are an integral part of school activities that among other things teach pupils life skills such as self-discipline, team work, accountability, patience, resilience and stress management; prevents learners from engaging in delinquent acts,” reads the statement in part.

Mussa added that apart from creation of conducive environment for teaching and learning processes, there is provision for growth development and building relationships with peers and teachers.

Reacting to the news, Malawi Schools Sports Association official Blackson Malamula hailed the directive from the ministry saying it a step in the right direction.

“We welcome the Ministry’s intervention and we are expecting a change in attitude of those head teachers who are not interested in doing sporting activities,” he said.

Aside from holding sporting activities once a week, every school has also been ordered to hold a Sports Day per term for inclusion of all sporting activities while also promoting tradtional games such as bawo, jumping rope, sack race, and wack walking.

The ministry’s directive comes at a time when some quarters have blamed routine poor performances of most Malawi national teams due to lack of grassroots structures which spur sports development.

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