By Fostina Mkandawire MANA

Deputy Minister of Local Government, Unity and Culture Owen Chomanika has described the late Senior Chief Kambalame as a man of integrity, peace and unity.

Speaking during the burial ceremony on Tuesday at Kambalame Headquarters, Chomanika revealed that the late senior chief never presented himself as a corrupt man during his reign as his records are clean.

He said Kambalame was development conscious and he made sure that his area benefitted from most development projects that were introduced in the district.

“Being one of the longest serving Chiefs in Salima District, he was usually consulted whenever people needed counsel on different pressing issues,” he said.

He, therefore, urged the person who has succeeded him to emulate the departed chief’s good deeds that are still speaking even in his death so that his legacy should continue.

During the ceremony, the family introduced the designated successor to the audience with expectancy that there should be no power wrangles.

On this point, Chomanika commended the family for setting a good example to other chieftaincies that it is possible to have a smooth transition of power.

In his eulogy, Senior Chief Kambwiri, who represented all traditional authorities in the district, described the late Kambalame as a man who brought unity and togetherness in Salima.

“Kambalame was well equipped with knowledge of ruling his people with diligence; he was free from scandals, free from corruption and was a man of the people,” he said.

The late Kambalame was born on March 1, 1949. He was installed as Traditional Authority Kambalame on November 19, 2001. He was then elevated as Senior Chief Kambalame on May 30, 2023.

Senior Chief Kambalame, whose official name was Alifu Mzengo Kafa, is survived by two wives, three children and seven grandchildren.

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