By Twemepoki Mangani MANA

India’s renowned education institution, Sharda University, has reaffirmed its commitment in ensuring that 50 students from Malawi acquire global skills in India through its 2023 scholarship programme.

This was learnt during the launch of the programme at Capital Hill in Lilongwe on Thursday when Assistant Director at Sharda Universtiy, Sudhir Kumar Pandey, said that the gesture is a follow-up to the Memorandum of Understanding which the University and the Ministry of Education signed in 2019.

Pandey highlighted that the scholarships on tuition fees are partial, as they cover 50% since the University highly subsidizes its fees.

He added that successful applicants will be offered scholarships under 14 faculties such as Management, Engineering, Law, Computer Science and Medicine, among others.

Deputy Director for Higher Education, Valentino Zipita, reiterated the essence of the scholarships in ensuring the country has a vibrant educational system as well as professionals with global skills.

Zipita observed that one of the critical pillars of MW2063 Agenda is human capacity development, adding that the philosophy of education today is that of internationalization where students are expected to have a feel of what is done elsewhere.

The window for applications is from March 30 to May 30 2023, and the minimum requirements include an MSCE with at least six credits.

Sharda University is a high-performance college which received an A+ Grade accreditation by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council in India (NAAC).

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