By Mercy Chirwa MANA

A research conducted by MwAPATA Institute between June, 2022 and March, 2023 has established that Social Protection Programmes have improved people’s livelihoods as most families can access basic needs in the country.

Speaking during a round table discussion on Thursday in Lilongwe, MwAPATA Institute Executive Director, William Chadza, said objectives of the study conducted in collaboration with the Embassy of Ireland aimed at exploring patterns of shocks and impact of social protection programmes.

“The study shows there is significant improvement in terms of resilience-building and predominance in the number of social safety nets programmes as people now have access to basic needs, including food and shelter.

“Social Cash Transfer, School Feeding Programme, Public Works and other social economic interventions are some of the factors positively contributing to the improvement of people’s livelihoods,” he said.

He said this brings about the question of efficiency of programmes, therefore, further suggested that targeting of beneficiaries be revised to ensure many people benefit from the Social Protection programmes.

Director of Poverty Reduction and Social Protection in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, Patricia Zimpita, commended the round-table discussion, saying it gives government a proper picture of the programmes as well as direction to move forward.

“As government, we are committed to transforming Malawi into an inclusively wealthy and self-reliant industrialised upper middle-income country by 2063.

“To achieve this, government recognises the need for social protection as a human right and means of ensuring shared prosperity with marginalised and vulnerable groups,” she added.

Head of Cooperation for Embassy of Ireland, Mark Montgomery, said as a development partner, they believe that effective social protection systems are an imperative component of successful and sustainable economies.

“We partner with the Government of Malawi to address pervasive poverty, food insecurities and inequalities, and ensure that every Malawian participates in the country’s economic development,” he said.

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