By Chisomo Phiri

Sumeya Issa, a Malawian spoken word poet , writer and journalist has released her first ever poetry Extended Playlist (EP) titled ‘Lyrics for your Soul’.

In an interview, Sumeya said ‘Lyrics for your Soul’ is the first EP since she started her poetry journey back in 2014 when she was in University.

Released on July 30, 2023, the new EP carries a message about healing , harnessing ones inner power and finding positivity amid the many struggles that humans go through in life that eventually end affecting their mental well being .

Asked on what motivated her to drop the EP, the soft-spoken Sumeya said :”Growing up , I have had to face some really severe struggles in my life and there are many times I feel and have felt like giving up when these struggles come . I realised that everyone eventually struggles and battles with something in life . As a creative I thought about compiling words of comfort , encouragement , healing and motivation that those struggling with their mental health and with life in general can lean on to and relate to.”

She added :”I should stress that since the release of this EP on the 30 of July , the support has been quite overwhelming. The EP already had over 1000 streams since it was released and for me that’s such a great achievement . I finally get to see people listening to my work and finding purpose and healing in it. Some have even come to me telling me how they have found my poems soothing and calming . I have even come across others who are ready to go through the path of healing after listening to EP . So all of this is so fulfilling for me as an artist . It makes me believe that I am serving a higher purpose through my art and creativity.”

Sumeya said,the poetry EP which has four poems namely; Heal,
Bodies and Blessings,
A Blissful Proclamation and Love and Fire, is currently available for downloads and streaming on Audiomack.

She said the healing poem features an up and coming singer and artist, Omega Mzama.

To her fellow poets and writers in the country, Sumeya said :”I would say they should keep writing , keep speaking and finding purpose through their art. There are so many reasons why God blesses us with talent , but I believe one of the main reasons is that we are able to serve others and I hope artist find that path for themselves.

As a poet, the young creative said she is inspired by Maya Angelou’s work ,because her poetry is emotionally authentic and genuine.

“I feel like she really found her voice and nurtured it so well , which is what I hope I can eventually do with my poetry .

“I also love the work of Titilope Sonuga , she is a Nigerian Spoken word Poet and America’s famous Amanda Gorman. She is young , fierce and ready to speak,” she said.

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