By Steven Godfrey Mkweteza

A network waste management stakeholders convened in Blantyre have bemoaned the escalating trash troubles and health hazards from improper disposal.

Speaking in an interview during the meeting under the banner’ Blantyre think tank networking meeting’, councillor Philip Kameta said despite various measures put in place to address poor waste management practices, the city continued facing high levels of poor waste management.

” For example, we have had various clean up campaigns to bring the city back to it’s lost glory but we haven’t been successful,” he said

Kameta, who represented the major of the city of the Blantyre Wild Ndipo, recommended the civic education as the main element to change the status quo.

Kameta however, pointed out that resource gap was the challenge to carry out sensitization campaigns.

” Mindset change is very crucial. Therefore, we urge corporate partners to invest in sustainable waste projects to leave no trash behind by sensitizing the residents,” he said

Blantyre city council senior environmental health officer, Chipo Majoni said the council faces challenges collecting waste with inadequate vehicles and lack of equipment to manage dumpsites.

Majoni said the council plans the for the construction of a new waste recycling center in chigumula, engaging private waste management companies and enforcing local laws mandating proper trash disposal.

” We must must all do our part to keep the Blantyre cleaner. People need to be more resilient and change their mindset,” she said

Professor Elizabeth Tilli, environmental research for waste advisors, emphasized on prevention measures in her presentation, particularly avoiding plastic waste that persists in the environment, polluting air, water and soil.

“We need more civic education so that residents are well versed on separating trash facilities recycling and resuse,” she said

According to her, pollution is one of the most troubling environmental challenges in the new age, with plastics ending up in landfills, waterways, lakes and rivers.

On the other hand, Tilli said delay or outdated by-laws on waste management that require reviews contributed to the challenges.

Representatives from companies, industry, waste collectors and city council conveged to discuss strategies to improve waste management in the city

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