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Senior resident magistrate court in Lilongwe has on March 31, 2023, convicted and sentenced a 40 years old Nelson Yotamu to 21 years imprisonment with hard labour for defiling his 13 years old step daughter.

The court heard through Police prosecutor sergeant Goadson Chinseu that Yotamu had been defiling the victim since January 2022. In July, it was discovered that the girl was pregnant and when pinned down with questions, she disclosed that it was her step father who was defiling her and threatened her never to tell a soul or face death wraths.

Yotamu denied the charge levelled against him which prompted the state to parade five witnesses who proved beyond reasonable doubt that he committed the crime.

In submission, sergeant Chinseu pleaded with the court for stiffer punishment saying that the accused person was entrusted with the child as his own but rather took advantage to it and defiled her. The state also said that cases of defilement are increasing each day despite efforts by police to end malpractice hence giving the accused person maximum sentence will deter the would be offenders.

In mitigation, the accused person pleaded with the court for leniency saying that there was consent from the child and that he has other children to take care of such that giving him custodial sentence will suffocate the lives of his innocent children.

Passing judgement, Senior resident magistrate Wanangwa Nyirenda concurred with the state that what the accused person did was inhumane. He said that his act is uncalled for considering the fact that he was a father figure to the child. Nyirenda then slapped Nelson to 21 years imprisonment with hard labour.

Nelson Yotamu, 44 years, hails from Nkhwalala village, Traditional Authority Nsamala in Balaka.

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