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Minister of Local Governmet, Unity and Culture Honourable Richard Chimwendo Banda has urged Members of Parliament to subordinate personal and political interests but that they shoud instead work with government in order for the country to achieve the Malawi Vision 2063 aspirations.

The Minister was speaking this morning at Sunbird Livingstonia in Salima where his Ministry is engaging MPs in a  meeting aiming at strengthening capacity of local authorities so that they should together identify flagship projects to be implemented in various local authorities.

In his remarks, Chimwendo Banda, who is also the Leader of the House in Parliament observed that since the country adopted the decentralisation policy in 1998, the country has been facing a myriad of challenges in terms of development citing inadequate funding and poor community partipation as some of the major hiccups.

In trying to highlight how his Ministry is solving some of the challenges, the Minister told MPs that his Ministry secured a $100 million funding from the World Bank to implement a project dubbed Governance to Enable Service Delivery (GESD) in all the 28 district councils.

According to him, the project is complementing the District Development Fund (DDF), which its focus is local development in areas where MPs are coming from.

However, he further emphasised that political leaders should burry their personal and political interests if the country is to sustain its development efforts in line with the MW2063, which its aim is to attain the country’s lower middle income status by 2030.

He said “I think we should subordinate all our personal and political interests below the national or district aspirations. This country is pursuing a 10 year implementation plans the Malawi 2063. This vision cannot be achieved with the current trends of conceptualisation. We need to support His Excellency the State President Dr. Lazarus McCaryhy Chakwera, to make a contribution towards realising his promise to the people of this country.”

Since his appointment as the new minister for Local Government on January 31 this year,  Honourable Chimwendo Banda has been engaging District Commissioners (DCs) and Councillors from all the regions. The objective of the meetings is to strengthen capacity on local authorities so that they should be able to identify flagship projects that will be implemented using the GESD funding.

President Chakwera promised Malwians during the campaign to the 2020 fresh presidential elections that he will ensure development is trickled to all councils in the country regardless of political party stronghold.

Upon taking the Ministrial office at Local Governmemt Unity and Culture, Honourable Banda told officials that his administration will ensure there is development in all the councils.

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