By George Mponda MANA

Fleetwood Haiya, President of Super League of Malawi (SULOM), has urged teams participating in the 2023/24 season to maintain discipline in order to improve football in the country.

He made the call on Sunday at Mzuzu Stadium after watching the match between Ekwendeni Hammers and Silver Strikers during which the Bankers Head Coach Pieter De Jongh was marching orders.

Speaking in an interview, Haiya said for a very long time incidents of indiscipline, which had been occurring during matches, had been going unpunished.

He said for the first in the history of the league, his body issued out rules and regulations and the entire league fixtures before the season started for teams to be properly guided.

Haiya added that if some chose not to follow the rules and regulations, then they will be punished accordingly, citing what the referee did by giving out cards.

Haiya, however, described the current season which is in fourth week as being very competitive, adding the aim is to produce a lot of local talent which should receive call ups in the national team.

In a separate interview, De Jongh said he felt the referee overreacted by giving him marching orders, calling it unfair as he received the first yellow card for simply asking why there was no time added in the first half and then another yellow for pointing out to the assistant referee that it was an offside.

Silver Strikers won the match by beating Ekwendeni Hammers at their own backyard 1-3.

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