By Nephtali Kalumbi MANA

People that were displaced by the Tropical Cyclone Freddy induced rains at Ntagaluka and surrounding areas in Mangochi risk cholera infection due to limited latrines at St. Augustine 2 where more than 600 people sought shelter in class rooms since Monday March 13.

Minister of Energy, Ibrahim Matola visited St. Augustine 2 to appreciate the plight of displaced families and assured them that government is looking for ways and means to assist them considering that the devastation is likely to bring other disease outbreaks such as cholera.

“Government is ready to bailout Tropical Cyclone Freddy victims” said Matola after interacting with the displaced families.

One of the displaced people, Issa Rajab said people at St. Augustine 2 are overcrowded in classrooms and living in danger thereby risk suffering from cholera,

“Sanitation is compromised and we are not safe here, we appeal to government and organisations of good will to relocate us to various places such as houses, mosques and churches as one way of decongesting us,” added Rajab.

He said that the displaced people need adequate support from well-wishers to support the camp with essential materials for cholera prevention such as chlorine, soap and buckets.

In Mangochi, the Tropical Cyclone induced winds and rains have affected, Traditional Authorities, Chowe, Namavi, Mponda, Nankumba, Bwananyambi, Makanjira, Lulanga., Chiunda and Chimwala where 13, 509 houses have been damaged affecting 60, 791 people. 2,229 households translating to 10,030 people have been displaced in all affected TAs and are currently in 27 camps.

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