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Technical Education vital for sustainable Livelihoods-Wirima Minister of Education, Madalitso Kambauwa Wirima has said technical education is vital for sustainable livelihoods as it helps the youths to develop skills, gain knowledge and values needed for self-development.

Wilima, min of education

She made the remarks Monday, when she re-launched teaching of technical subjects in primary schools at Senga Model primary school in Dowa.

“Technical education promotes lifelong learning including improved productivity through industrialisation. This is why government has recognised the importance of having technical subjects in primary schools so that skills are imparted in the learners from the young stage” the minister said.

During the launch, Technical, Entrepreneurial, Vocational, and Educational Training (TEVET) Authoritty (TEVETA) donated tools worth 10 million kwacha to Senga Model Primary School with an aim of supporting the school to impart essential skills to young learners which will contribute to the achievement of Malawi Agenda 2063.

A representative from TEVETA, Joseph Tsambaya said the authority was established with an aim of developing human capital in Malawi through provision of technical skills hence its support to schools by providing necessary tools for learning.

“So far TEVETA has donated modern tools to 14 model schools across the country and we will continue until we supply these tools to all 34 modern primary schools where these technical subjects have been re-introduced” said Tsambaya.

Traditional Authority Mponela of Dowa district commended government for introducing technical education saying equipping the learners with technical education is necessary as it can reduce the number of people relying on government to provide them with jobs.

The teaching of the technical subjects will be done in 34 model schools across the country and later on will be rolled out to all other schools in phases.

The subjects to be taught under technical education are home economics and needle craft, wood work, metal work, brick work, indigenous Artifacts and technical drawing.

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