By Franco Mwachande Jnr

Teethsavers international on Friday donated various items to 300 households that were affected by Cyclone Freddy in areas of Traditional authorities (T/A’s) of Nyumwanyumwa and Mposa in Machinga.

The items include 25kg bag of maize flour, 4 packets of sugar, 5 packets of Soya pieces, cooking oil and 10 tablets soap to each family worth K10.5 million.

Speaking after handing over the items, Teethsavers international country director Fred Sambani said as organisations that deals closely with people, they were touched by the fate of the people.

“Through our recent assessment in those affected areas, we noted with great concern that a lot of people in camps have no food, though our primary focus as an organization is to teach people about dental care but we noted that we cannot tell people how to take care of their teeth when they have no food so we came here to distribute these food items and give them the words of encouragement.”

Sambani said he was particularly sad to note that people more especially in Nyumwanyumwa area was staying in church but without anything to eat.

“We made this donation with financial support from our partners based in United States of America (USA) and Gruner family of Kapalasa Farm at Namadzi and we believe that this donation will go a long way in uplifting and rebuilding these households during this crisis. “

According to Department of Disaster Management Affairs (Dodma) Machinga community development assistant Enock Kamwendo said based on their data they collected in T/A’s of Nyumwanyumwa, Mposa and some parts Chamba, over 11000 people was displaced from their homes to camps.

” Let me thank Teethsavers international for the gesture. We are going through difficult times. We are particularly delighted to receive food that will help people in camps..”

T/A Nyumwanyumwa commended organisation for the donation, saying it will lessen people’s suffering.

“People lost everything during the disaster. It is still difficult to get shelter, food and other necessities. We, therefore, appeal to other well-wishers to help these people,” he said.

One of the survivors, Patuma Amadu described the donation as worthwhile, saying it will support their lives.

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