Timveni reach out to Chingalire village

By Franco Mwachande Jnr

Timveni Child and Youth Media organization on Friday reached out to Chingalire Cultural Center in Nsalu, Lilongwe as one way of fostering the spirit of sharing during the festive period.

Speaking in an interview, Timveni’s Executive director Herbart Chidaya said the organization with the help of Sun Gold, Women of substance and other individuals engaged in various fundraising activities to raise money and bought some gifts for the people.

He said: “We made this donation to allow people who don’t have capacity to celebrate in previous Christmas and new year to have something like food and other basic needs to also celebrate.

“Our message as Timveni is that we want more girls to get educated because if more girls are get educated, this can easily minimize cases of early marriages and unwanted pregnancies.”

The donated items included 100 Christmas hampers, chitetezo mbaula, buckets which contains packet of sugar and soap to the tune of k2,000,000.

On her part chairperson for Women of Substance Millicent Seela thanked Timveni for coordinating the event saying it brought meaning to their ideology of supporting those in need during the festivity period.

“We know that a lot of young women, people with disabled, the elderly, child headed families and others are facing with various challenges hence we organized a gala dinner at Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) which we fundrised about k1,200,000 million for this event,” she said.

In a separate interview, Ben Mankhamba, the architect of Chingalire Cultural Center also Village headman for Chingalire said people in his community and other surrounding areas are in deep poverty and described the donation as timely.

Vanessa Palani,13 was happy to have had an interaction with Timveni staff because it opened up her heart to a life of possibilities especially seeing her fellow children so keen to move forward with education.

At the event also people in the area enjoy the music performance from Grecium Nyambo and Ben Michael Makhamba.

Herbert Chidaya second from right, Timveni executive director

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