By Andrew Mwanandiye Tembo

To promote better preparediness on Climate changes adaptation, mitigation and resilience in the country,University of Malawi(Unima),in collaboration with universities of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and Oslo of Norway said are scheduled to meet communities to get their suggestions.

Unima Vice Chancellor ,Professor M.I.Sajidu has confirmed the development during a sustainable Governance Seminar on Monday in Blantyre.

Pro M.I Sajidu

Professor Sajidu said ” locally based communities are the vulnerable groups hence they stand a better side to give good suggestions on the matter, we need to integrate their views with our modern solutions through consultation to suit local context”.

And representing an international University through Center for Development and Environment,Professor of Political Science,Professor Dan Banik said Malawi needs to emulate examples of Kenya, Zimbabwe for a positive preparedness on the same.

Pro Dan Banik

“Malawi needs to revise some of its mitigation strategies towards climate change,thus the only way to go,as the current ones are not showing fruits,but I love Malawi as the warm heart of Africa ,it should take after example of other nations” Highlighted Professor Banik.

“Policy makers, businesses,and individuals in Malawi effectively need to hold hands to implement climate change adaptation, mitigation and resilience strategies”,He concluded.

The move by the Universities follows the research it conducted as the current climate change mitigation strategies have run for six years to date since its implementation by the government.

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