By Martin Chiwanda & Hopecein Makhaza MANA

Second Hand and Scrap Metal Dealers Association of Malawi has bemoaned the increasing vandalism of government property, saying it is negatively affecting the country’s development progress.

Chairperson of the grouping, Patrick Jonathan, made the observation in Liwonde on Thursday during the launch of a campaign aimed at encouraging metal dealers to register their businesses to avoid vandalism of government infrastructure.

Jonathan said the malpractice of vandalising government infrastructure like bridges and road signs derails government’s efforts of developing the country.

He added that vandalism has been rampant in the country as many scrap metal dealers venture into the business without being registered by the government.

Jonathan said the association, in partnership with Malawi Police Services, has started organising anti-vandalism campaigns as a way of sensitising people to register their businesses with a purpose of ending vandalism in the country.

Machinga District Commissioner Lucia Chidalengwa said it is everyone’s responsibility to protect government infrastructure and not only wait for security officers to take the leading role.

Chidalengwa added that following the launch of the initiative, the district will take advantage of any gathering to convey anti-vandalism messages.

Deputy Commissioner of Police responsible for the Eastern Region, Kelvin Mulezo, said the launch will help to end cases of vandalism in the region, considering that the malpractice has impacted negatively on national development.

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