By Tabbu Kitta Kauye MANA

Minister of Natural Resources and Climate Change, Dr Micheal Usi, has expressed satisfaction with the work and contribution that the Young Change Makers, championed by World Vision Malawi, are making in their communities.

Speaking in Lilongwe on Friday during an interface with the Change Makers, Usi said it is imperative that the youth also take a leading role in participating in issues that positively contribute to the county’s economy.

“Having young people participating in national development is encouraging. It is also critical that the youth should fully participate as they are leaders of today and not tomorrow,” said Usi.

One of the Youth Change Makers from Dowa, Blessings Michael, who champions and advocates for environmental preservation and climate change in his community, said although the country has good legislations and policies on climate change and environmental conservation, there are still challenges in the fight against climate change as some practices still put the environment at great risk.

Micheal cited curing of tobacco, which said uses a lot of firewood thereby by depleting forests which he said, is in most cases, not replanted.

“Government needs to capacitate us the youth to implore and lure our fellow youth in conserving the environment. We are eager and ready to work to conserve the environment in our communities but what is lacking are necessary skills and capacity,” said Micheal.

World Vision Director of Advocacy, Communication and Justice for Children, Charles Ngwengwe said the organisation is celebrating the change makers in order to recognise efforts the youth are making in their communities.

From May 15, World Vision Malawi has been celebrating change makers with a specific focus on children and youth as agents of change in their communities.

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