By George Mponda & Joe Chirwa MANA

Maize vendors from Zigwagwa Market in Mzuzu on Tuesday stormed Mzuzu Police Station to demand the release of their colleague who had been picked by police on suspicion of selling maize taken from Agriculture Development Marketing Corporation (ADMARC).

The vendors blocked the main entrance to the police station and chanted songs, demanding the release of their colleague, alleging he was wrongly arrested.

According to the chairperson of Zigwagwa Market Welfare Committee, Kate Mtende, Police picked Aaron Chisambi on Tuesday morning as he was offloading 30 tonnes of maize which he had procured from Mzimba Market.

Mtende said this prompted the vendors to mobilise themselves to go to the police station to demand Chisambi’s immediate release, as they claimed he had purchased the maize legally and had all relevant documents.

Later, the police released Chisambi to the delight of the vendors who welcomed him with hugs and lifted him shoulder high.

In an interview after his release, Chisambi said he sent money to Zondwayo Mtika in Mzimba who bought the maize from CP Feeds, adding that the police confirmed with both CP Feeds and Mtika and verified his claims about the transaction.

When contacted, Assistant Public Relations Officer for Mzuzu Police Station, Constable Rose Chipyola, asked for more time to gather information on the matter.

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