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World press freedom day May 3 every year all over the world, necessary calls for an evaluation of journalists and working conditions in Malawi, this is because journalist are indispensable resource in media houses. God made man and by which man sustains the world. We are told that after all the work, God saw that what he had done was good. For this reason, we know that there is dignity in work and work is really love made visible.

Defunct E Newspaper now rebranded as The News Plus , Edited by Cyrus Bengo

It is thus befitting to congratulate journalist on this day to congratulate all who provide news and do same to all who provide the conducive environment in which news can be done. Important and fundamental though is, however, too many factors deny journalist the joy and fulfillment, which they should derive from the work they do.

Center: Cyrus Bengo 6 years ago as a radio correspondence in Lilongwe covering sports activities at Bingu National Stadium BNS

Is it unfortunate to say that most journalist deserves an urgent attention, contentious issues concerning. Remuneration for work should guarantee a journalist the opportunity to provide a dignified livelihood for himself and his family on the material, social and cultural levels

Governments and peoples cannot honestly desire peace or authentic development without ensuring wages for journalist . Exploitation of others or their resources, forcing down prices of raw materials, inhospitable conditions of work, impugn human dignity, damage social trust and offend the moral law of God.

Conversely, at the personal levels journalist too must do just work for the wages they receive in order to fulfil the social contract and in order not to be guilty of dishonesty .

In Malawi the condition of most journalist remains pathetic. Media houses insensitivity to the plight and demands of journalists is nothing short of cruel, especially when compared to media managers remunerations. This, sadly affects the entire masses who rely on the services which journalist provide. In fact, working conditions in Malawi media houses yearn for serious and urgent overhauling. Malawi, so to speak, needs a moral blood transfusion.

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Neverless Happy Press Freedom Day from Editorial desk

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