By Leah Malimbasa MANA

World Vision and NICO Holdings on Friday donated various relief items to 300 families affected by floods at Nsomo Shelter camp in Traditional Authority Ngabu, Chikwawa.

Speaking after receiving a family pack consisting of 10 kilograms maize flour, sugar, beans, soya porridge, salt, as well as blankets, buckets, mosquito net and plates, one of the beneficiaries Dorica White said she is very grateful for the items she received which will ease the problems she was facing to feed her children at the shelter camp.

In his remarks after donating the relief items, World Vision’s Regional Humanitarian Emergency Affairs Director Maxwell Sibhensana said the damage by Tropical Cyclone Freddy was major and children were also affected as they lost their homes and moved to camps where they are vulnerable to various form of abuse.

“As a child-centred organisation WVI understands camps are prone to issues of child abuse, that is why in addition to providing the material support we are also working with communities on issues of child protection and facilities where the children can go and play,” he said.

In his remarks, NICO Holdings Board Director Sangwani Hara said they decided to partner with World Vision for the donation because they needed an organisation with an expertise in humanitarian relief distribution.

He added that NICO Holdings has spent K120 million on relief aid but plans to spend an additional K80 million to assist other people affected by the floods.

In total World Vision and NICO donated 500 family packs, 1,000 blankets, 1,000 buckets, 1,000 treated-mosquito nets, 1,000 plates and 1,000 cups.

Group Village Headman-GVH Nsomo thanked WV and NICO Holdings for bailing out the people.

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