By Chisomo Phiri

One of the country’s leading car importing companies Yewo Car Importers on July 1, 2023 officially opened a new office in Lilongwe.

The office is situated at Century city building mall after Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) roundabout.

Speaking with journalists, Yewo Car Importers founder Lonely Paul Mwandira said the new office will help Lilongwe city and other surrounding areas residents to import cars with Yewo company easily.

“We have opened this new office so as to help those who want to import cars with us here in Lilongwe to do so easily.

“The opening of this office means that now, we have two main offices, that is in Mzuzu and here in Lilongwe,” he said.

Mwandira said, currently, plans are already in the pipeline for the company to open more offices across the country.

According to Mwandira, at Yewo Car Importers they have special schemes which customers need to engage when they want to buy cars from them such as normal scheme, loan scheme and Yewo vehicle Sacco.

“At Yewo Car Importers, we have special schemes that our customers need to engage if they want to buy cars with us such as normal scheme where a customer tell us a type of a vehicle he or she want so we buy for the customer from Japan and we give him or her quotation which he or she can pay in Kwacha,” said Mwandila.

On her part, one of customers Cynthia Kaipa described the company as one of the best and trusted car importing companies in Malawi.

“I am very proud to see that today Yewo is opening another new office here in Lilongwe. I have been purchasing my cars from Yewo and it is one of the best car selling companies everyone can trust here in Malawi, said Kaipa.

In his remarks, His Worship, the Mayor of Lilongwe City Richard Banda also hailed Yewo Car Importers company for opening the office in Lilongwe saying this will ease challenges that car buyers in the city face.

During the event, the company also handed over cars to its valued customers who have been purchasing cars from it.

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