By Blessings Kaunda MANA

Chief Executive Officer for Project Innovation Center, Kondwani Kachamba Ngwira, in partnership with Small and Medium Enterprises Development (Smedi), has challenged youth in Mzuzu to formulate groups and contact him for any kind of support in entrepreneurship skills and support.

Speaking at St. Andrews CCAP in Mzuzu during entrepreneurship summit Saturday, Kachamba said he has already reached over 2000 youths from various colleges with cooking oil production skills.

He said last year he mobilized fresh graduates across the country from various colleges whom he gave a platform to cultivate sunflower to produce cooking oil.

He called on the youth in Mzuzu to be innovative and urged the church to take part in supporting them so that they become productive to the nation.

Kachamba said the youth have capacity but all they lack is skills which he said he is ready to provide at any given time.

Smedi regional manager for the north, Mwawi Makwakwa said the organization is eager to impart entrepreneurship knowledge and skills to the youth so that they grow economically.

St. Andrews Christian Youth Fellowship (CYF) member, Lusubiro Mwangonde said they were satisfied with the training which covered topics in production of cooking oil, soap, sugar and chicken feed among others.

One of the participants, Cecilia Chakhala said the entrepreneurship skills attained in the training would help her and her colleagues excel in business.

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